Previous DLC projects and initiatives

Support of Teaching

  • M.Ed. in Modern Languages Videoconferencing Pilot Project
  • Partnering
    with PDCE, LLED and the DLC are testing a course that is available both
    in person and remotely at the same time, with the use of video
    conferencing technology in the classroom.

    • Video conferencing hardware and software
    • Multiple microphone sync
    • LLED Courses
      • 310 and 320
        • DLC workshops

Support of Faculty and Student Research

  • Workshop Series
    • Workshops
      in Video Production and Editing, Audio Editing and Transcription,
      Digital Photography, Reference Management, Smartboard, Social Media,
      Presentation Software, Blogs, Wikis, eReaders, Reference Management

      • Offered to LLED faculty and staff on weekly basis, others by request
  • Partnerships with Universities in Africa
    • MOROP (Kenya) – UBC Collaboration
    •  Online content management system
      • Digital video
      • Solutions for file sharing
    • Ethiopia-Canada Educational Research Collaborative (ECERC), “Lenses
      on Literacy Development in Multilingual Settings” (UBC-Bahir Dar
      University) and “Young Children’s Views of Everyday Literacies”
      (UBC-Addis Ababa University)

      • Online content management system
      • Digital photography
      • Solutions for file sharing

Support of Department Initiatives

  • Catalogue of Children’s Literature Collection
    • Digitally accessible archive of book collection located in DLC
  • Online LLED graduate admissions process
    • Research and design of Content Management System
    • Private forum to discuss applicants
    • Digitizing documents
    • Secure file transfer

Support of LLED staff

  • LLED website
    • Technical support
  • Miscellaneous
    • Video work, file transfer, etc.

Support of Conferences

  • New Literacies – May 2011
    • Partnering with Dr. Maureen Kendrick and Dr. Theresa Rogers, the DLC offered digital support to this three-day conference:
      • WordPress website and interactive blog
      • Videotaping and archiving keynote speakers
  • ISFC – July 2010
    • Interactive
      Session – seven plenary speakers gave brief presentations, and then
      responded to questions from audience and partner universities listening

      • Live audio stream
      • Wireless microphones on multiple speakers
      • Multi-lingual chat rooms
      • Video archive
    • Plenary Speakers
      • Video archive on channel
    • Website
      • Archive of presentation papers and respective Powerpoint slides
  • Cultural Attitudes Towards Technology and Communication (CATaC) International Conference Reception – June 2010


DLC Initiatives

  • “Analyzing Communicative Events: Theories, Approaches, and Software” – April 2011
    • Speakers: Dr. Lee Gunderson and Dr. Steven Talmy
    • Workshop: “An Introduction to ATLAS.ti” – Sharalyn Jordan
    • Workshop: “An Introduction to HyperRESEARCH” – Natasha Boskic
  • Speaker Series – Winter 2009-2010
    • Dr. John Willinsky – “Intellectual Properties of Literacy and Learning: The Missing Lessons”
    • Dr. Teresa Dobson – “Digital Literature and Critical Literacy”
    • Brian Lam – “The Urgency of Open Education: Cheap Thrills, Participatory Culture, and Working Social Media”
    • Jeff Miller – “Between a CMS and Social Media: Supporting Collaborative Learning in Hybrid Spaces”
  • Youth Media Project – February 2010
    • DLC staff worked with local teachers to run a series of video workshops/ experimental media workshops during the school day.
    • Weekend girls’ media workshop
  • Summer Institute – July 2009
    • Two graduate courses (Eberle-Sinatra and Willinsky)
    • Three public lectures: Eberle-Sinatra (UQAM), Ruecker (UAlberta), Willinksy (UBC/Stanford)
    • Data visualization workshop (Dobson and Ruecker)
    • Social media workshops for secondary teachers